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Individual Insurance

Risk of an Eventuality is the biggest challenge faced by one and all today. Insurance is not about the fear... it is about Peace of Mind in times of challenges. We help planning and taking care of such losses for yourself, your near and dear ones and your prized possessions with the promise of being reinstated without stress on savings or depending on friends at such times of need.

Business Insurance

A loss or damage at your work place can be devastating and set you back in your growth plans, this is not a thing you should be worried about. We help you take care of such unknown risks by understanding and offering ideal solutions for all organisations from Small & Medium commercial enterprises to corporate enterprise.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance so important! Regardless of how much you earn, and whatever your life style is, one is not sure what the future holds. If you happen to be the sole breadwinner or a contributor in the family, it could have devastating consequences for your loved ones. We help plan to secure you and your family's financial future

Why Us?

In today’s time, purchase of Insurance can be done from an insurance agent “Offline” or purchase “Online” from the web. The latter form is becoming increasingly popular due to ease of comparison and options, however, many people are still sceptical about how reliable and safe it really is, and will it actually deliver what is claimed. Customers are bombarded with multiple options and covers at throw away prices and he/she gets tempted to purchase such covers without evaluation and end up buying some insurance even if they do not really require it. This is where professionals like us help. We understand the Need, Solicit the right product and Cover ensuring that the individual or business has the right coverage ensuring peace of mind and a Go To person at times of need, rather than punching numbers on the phone anxiously.

Meet Our Team

The Key promoters of Spectrum Finvest Mrs. Meeta Prashant Kapadia and Mr. C T George are professionally certified, holding requisite certifications from Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA) to conduct the business and offer services. Additionally our team has a panel of professionals including a CA to advise us and take care of the Insurance, Financial Planning and Tax implications of our clients